ONYER - Bicycle power training at it’s simplest.

ONYER monitors and records your POWER during turbo trainer riding sessions. No subscription needed. Available for OSX

£2.29 $2.99


ONYER is a MacOS application that monitors and records your performance during an indoor bicycle TURBO TRAINING session and displays your POWER output for an improved training session.

It reads data from your bike's ANT+TM speed, cadence or combined speed/cadence sensors and heart rate monitor. With a bike mounted on a supported turbo trainer we will compute your power output without the need for an expensive power sensor.

Choose any duration for your training session and ONYER will record your ride while displaying an interactive graph of your sensors' data. For a more detailed overview please read the manual.

Bike and trainer.
ANT+TM speed and cadence sensor.
ANT+TM USB receiver.
Ready to ride.
ONYER in action.


Get the most out of your turbo training sessions with ONYER. Power is a quantitative way to exactly measure your output and give accurate feedback on your performance. Heart rate is an OK way of measuring your performance, but can be impacted by external factors like hydration, temperature and fatigue whereas power never lies and monitoring it will enable you to train efficiently by seeing how your body is really responding.


ONYER allows you to train with power without committing to a subscription or investing in an expensive power meter. If you have an ANT+TM speedometer, one or our supported turbo trainers, a bike and a mac and you’re off!


No. Measuring power enables you to be efficient and get the most out of your training. So it’s for anyone who wants to make the most impact in the least time improving their cycling performance. There’s no need to invest in an expensive power meter if you use a supported trainer. ONYER allows you to train like a pro for a simple one off fee.

Your Rides, Your Data

ONYER runs on your computer and isn't dependent on any subscription based cloud service to work. It stores all your ride data on your computer in compressed JSON files.


ONYER keeps a full history of your individual turbo-training rides as well as tallying up your rides to date. This lets you monitor your performance over time.

Getting started with ONYER


Put your bike on a trainer.

If you are using one of our supported trainers, we can compute your power.


Pair your sensors.

You can pair a speed sensor, cadence sensor, combined speed + cadence sensor as well as a heart rate monitor.


Spin your wheels.